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[WATCH] Pokemon Go Craze: Rare Pokemon Vaporeon Causes Mob in Central Park

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The Pokemon Go craze isn?t over and if you?ve seen this viral video about people trying to catch the rare Pokemon named ?Vaporeon,? you might just want to consider downloading the game and see what the addiction is all about. People are stopping, people are risking their lives catching that rare Pokemon character, but for what?

The latest one has been in New York City?s Central Park wherein, a mob of people converged to catch a recently revealed Vaporeon. Unmindful of the chaos, the traffic and the dangers of stopping in places where you shouldn?t, commuters literally left their cars just to catch Vaporeon when it suddenly appeared and made itself available for grabs.

The report on The Verge showed one man leaving his car while trying to catch Vaporeon, but who would mind? If all the rest also came to the place to catch the rare Pokemon? And you can also see the other players looking amazed by just how the Pokemon Go hype turned into something that has inadvertently promoted social interaction?

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It can be alarming, but also, it can be a welcome mob to businesses trying to promote their stores to a major crowd. According to the report, the incident that happened in Central Park isn?t surprising. It?s also not the first incident of a mob trying to catch a rare Pokemon in the Pokemon Go game.


Previously, places like ?Provo City Library in Utah, ?Boston Common, Altamonte Springs, Florida, ?Des Moines, Iowa and Bellevue all experienced the same thing. Who wouldn?t welcome an attractive craze when you can totally lead people to landmarks, have them walk around the city and visit places they?ve never been without spending a dime on advertising?

What?s your experience playing Pokemon Go on your mobile device? Did you go as far stopping your car in an isolated place just to catch that rare Pokemon? Don?t miss the exciting and fun Pokemon Go game and read for the latest news and update about the game.

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