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Pok?mon GO CP Is Useless, Here’s Why IVs Are More Important

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Those new to Pokemon GO might have been catching and powering up their Pokemon based on the amount of CP they have. While this might seem like a smart idea, the truth is the Pokemon’s CP is far from the most important stat. In fact, what?s important is the secret stat called IV or ?Individual Values?. These can only be seen by extracting the game?s code, or from various online calculators made by fans.

As can be seen in this hilarious 9gag comic strip, IV might be the most important stat in the whole mobile game, almost rendering the CP useless. Well, that’s not completely true. The CP of a Pokemon is composed of its attack, defense and stamina, so technically it’s an important stat. Unfortunately, a Pokemon’s attack, defense and stamina can’t be seen in the game itself even though it was recently updated, which is baffling.

It also turns out that the arc seen in the status screen of each Pokemon represents their level. Fans originally thought that only trainers had levels in Pokemon GO, while the Pokemon themselves need to be powered up with Stardust and Candy. That’s still partly true, but the arc represents a Pokemon’s level from 1 to 40, and yes, Niantic should have just used numbers like in the regular Pokemon games.

The IV of the Pokemon is important since it determines how powerful the pocket monster can be. These can be considered as the ?genes? of the Pokemon since they determine how much stronger it gets and how high its CP can go via its percentage. If it’s not above 50% it is average and won’t be too strong.

It’s an interesting part of the mobile game that has been discussed thoroughly online. Fans who are now curious about the IV can check out the Poke Assistant, which is one of many IV calculators available on the internet.

Secret stats have been around Pokemon games for the longest time, so it seems like Niantic has learned a thing or two from Game Freak. Back in the Gold and Silver days, there were stats for happiness that would determine the evolution of Pokemon like Togepi and Eevee. It was also pretty annoying then.

To be fair, fans don’t have to care about IV to enjoy Pokemon GO. It’s just a game after all, and fans who don’t want to do all the math don’t have to if they just want to catch Pokemon with their friends. Those who want to be the very best might want to consider it though.

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