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Pokemon GO CP Tips: High Combat Power Won’t Win All Your Battles

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The next time you do battle in Pokemon GO, keep in mind that the Pokemon with the higher CP isn?t guaranteed to come out on top. A recent post on the official Pokemon GO subreddit has just outlined some illuminating facts regarding the game?s battling system and how to train your Pokemon.

CP Isn’t Everything in Pokemon GO

?CP is not King. My 1700 Lapras is easily outclassed by my 1300 Electabuzz vs flying. Why? Attack speed is not factored into CP. Even with its measly 5 attack thunder shock Electabuzz wipes gyms far faster than Lapras. This is why you see such low CP on your electrics (known for their speed),? user TysonVictor?explained.

To prove his point, he also ran an experiment by evolving similarly stated Eevees into both a Vaporeon (water-type) and Jolteon (electric-type). This resulted in the former having 1600 CP and the latter just 1300 CP. According to him, this is because Jolteon has a much faster attack speed, a stat not factored in CP calculation.

?CP seems to be weighted towards defense and HP rather than attack. Or at least high cp mons seem to be more tanky on average possibly due to cp being based on attack, defense, and HP,? he said. ?Speed doesn’t seem to factor in at all but it definitely has a major effect on the quality of the Pokemon.?

Right now, Pokemon GO?s stat information is pretty streamlined, so it?s difficult to tell how effective a Pokemon will be by simply looking at its CP. To really see its full capabilities, you?ll have to pay a visit to your nearby gym and put it through its paces.

What are your thoughts on TysonVictor?s discoveries? Let us know in the comments below. For the latest Pokemon GO tips and tricks, keep it right here on the TheBitBag.

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