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Pokemon GO CP: Stats Needed To Guarantee Strong Final Evolution

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Pokemon GO

More than finding Pokemon with high Combat Power, the ability to determine the ones with better potential is crucial in competitive Pokemon GO. However, understanding this system requires players to have an intimate knowledge of the game?s stats and computations. Fortunately, game?s community has listed some of the wild Pokemon CP to look out for that are optimal for competitive Pokemon GO.

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According to Kyurun?s thead in the Pokemon GO Reddit, every Generation 1 Pokemon that can be evolved has an optimal CP rating. If you happen to find the Pokemon with the exact rating or above, it?s best to breed that Pokemon as part of your main party. However, there are still other stats to consider more than the CP rating, like the Pokemon?s Individual Values, CP Arc, and current move.

Despite the guarantee for having a potentially strong Pokemon in tow, relying on high CP can only get you so far. Pokemon GO?s simple battle gameplay relies more on good command of the game?s stats, game systems, and current updates to effectively win your battles.

However, hunting for the Pokemon with optimal CP rating will get extremely particular because the game procedurally generates spawn points of these critters. More than effort, an invariable amount of time will be needed to find these perfect Pokemon; some players may find it early or never find it at all.

Additionally, the game?s battle system only relies on ample player skill as you?ll have to train on dodging and timing. Once you have it down, you still have to improve your Trainer Level to make sure that the Pokemon?s CP Arc limits are high to help them gain more stats. Knowing the potential of the creature is crucial to having a strong Pokemon for the game?s competitive setting.

Currently, the game has no satisfying reward for filling up your Pokedex or for owning many Gyms in the game. However, Pokemon GO is a young game, and events will surely come in the future, after Niantic has finished fixing the issues. All players can do for now is enjoy catching Pokemon and keeping Gyms.

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