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Pokemon GO CP: Should You Evolve Or Strengthen Your Pokemon First?

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The main attraction point of Niantic?s recently released augmented reality game, Pokemon GO, is of course the creatures themselves. Players can do a lot more than just taming Pokemon as they are also tasked with helping the Pokemon grow stronger. If players are done leveling up their characters, they should be aware that Pokemon can be powered up and evolve through certain methods, but some players are beginning to wonder what to do with their Pokemon first.

When a Pokemon is powered up, its Combat Power or CP increases as well. CP is basically the unit of measurement of a Pokemon?s potential in the mobile game. Players have begun to wonder whether or not the rate of CP increase is affected when a Pokemon evolves. Basically, what players are wondering is if it would be good to Power Up a Pokemon to high levels first before evolving them.

Redditor afandrew2000 made a good study on whether or not CP is affected after evolution. The player found out that CP increase is affected by Pokemon type, but Pokemon in the same evolution chain almost get the same exact percent increase in CP when using Power UP. This means that players can evolve their Pokemon whenever they see fit and do not have to wait for the Pokemon to reach higher levels in hopes of getting more CP out of them. He also discovered that the height and weight of a Pokemon is all for show as it does not affect the rate at which CP grows on a Pokemon.

Pokemon GO players have a choice between evolving their Pokemon or powering it up first, but there?s really no significant difference in either of the two, so feel free to choose whatever you see fit. However, seeing as evolutions are more powerful than their bases, it?s highly recommended to evolve the Pokemon once the Candies requirement is complete.

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