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Pokemon GO CP: How Combat Power Works

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Pokemon GO

If you?ve been playing Pokemon GO for a while and are still stumped with how Combat Power works, don?t worry, the good folks of Reddit are here to help. Unlike the main series, a Monster?s effectiveness in battle in the mobile game is determined by a single stat: CP.

What Does CP do in Pokemon GO?

When venturing out into the wild, you will probably notice that not all Pokemon are created equal. Chances are high that you?ll see the same monsters with varying levels of CP. So how do you know which Pokemon are worth training? According to user Raspberrykitsune, it doesn?t really matter. Here?s what he said on the SilphRoad Subreddit.

?All Pokemon have a max CP, so you can either catch a low level and level it up to max (using stardust + candies) or you can evolve it then level it up. I don’t think it matters either way EXCEPT evolving gives you a larger CP boost for what you can use at that moment (an example is I had a cp 97 eevee, I evolved with 25 candies and she evolved into a 485 flareon. I leveled up to 490 and then it won’t let me level anymore because I?m not a high enough level; I think the highest it can go is 550 – 600 though),? he wrote.

To see how close a Pokemon is to its ?max? CP, check out the arch on top of it during view mode. To get the best possible version of its final evolution, you?ll need to catch it in its base form then proceed to evolve it with candies.

We hope this little tidbit makes your Pokemon GO adventure a little easier. We have a lot more guides and tutorials for you to read, so be sure to check them out. For the latest on Pokemon GO, keep it right here on The BitBag.

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