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Pokemon GO CP Calculator: Know How Much Combat Power Evolved Pokemon Will Have

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Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO might have gym battles, but it seems like the main meat of the game is catching creatures and evolving them into their best form. While it?s always fun seeing these cuties turn into fierce beasts, it can be hard to gauge how much stronger they will be when they evolve.

Thankfully, one Reddit user has decided to make a CP calculator for those who want to know how much stronger their Pokemon will be when they evolve. This should be useful, since players can see which of their Pokemon is and isn’t ready for the evolution process, which can be a bit tricky in the mobile title.

After all, players need to catch multiple versions of the same Pokemon if they want their critter to evolve in Pokemon GO. Catching multiple versions of the same creature will give the player candy for evolution. Evolved forms can use the same candies with their predecessor, so Ivysaur can use Bulbasaur candies to turn into Venusaur and vice versa.

Of course, fans will probably ponder on which of their Pokemon should evolve, since they will catch multiple versions of the same one to get enough candies. While some might think choosing the most powerful one will lead to a stronger evolution form, consulting the CP calculator can make that decision even easier, since it may reveal that one of the weaker creatures will get the stronger evolution form.

Pokemon evolution.

Either way, it’s a pretty handy item to have when you?re deciding which of the Pokemon is ready to take the evolution step. It should also help when preparing for the game’s tougher gym battles. Players can know if their evolved Pokemon will be enough to beat the AI, or if they have to continue using stardust to make their critter a bigger threat for the next big battle.

Pokemon GO is currently available in multiple countries but is not yet downloadable worldwide. It seemed like the game was getting close to a worldwide launch, but with its current problems, it is only available in the countries that had the beta test for the time being.

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