Pokemon GO Corsola Not Region-Exclusive, Where To Catch The Gen 2 Rare Pokemon

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Pokemon GO Update
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The recent major update to Pokemon GO adds a host of new things to the game including over 80 new Pokemon from gen 2. As expected from the next set of Pokemon, a few ones are harder to catch than the others. One of the hardest Pokemon to catch for now is Corsola, and it’s giving players a lot of trouble already.

Gen 1 of Pokemon GO added more than 80 Pokemon and there are some region-exclusives like Mr. Mime, Kangaskhan, Tauros and Farfetch. This time around, the region-exclusives are Heracross, who can only be found in Latin America, and Corsola, who is perhaps one of the rarest Pokemon there is.

Corsola isn’t exactly region-exclusive, Heavy reports. Unlike other region-exclusive Pokemon, Corsola isn’t limited to a specific region only. The rare Pokemon can be found anywhere between  31°N and 26°S of the map. It appears in Latin America, the far end of Texas and Florida, and a part of Australia.

As long as players are in this range of area, they’ll be able to catch a Corsola easily. This once again poses as a trouble to players who aren’t in the set area. However, there’s a chance that Corsola might migrate to other parts of the globe based on the current climate in the area, but we’ve yet to see if this is actually true.

Players are speculating that Corsola’s exclusivity isn’t locked by region but by the weather. If players can notice, Corsola is exclusive to areas that are generally warm. If this is indeed the case, then Corsola could definitely migrate to other parts of the world when the seasons change.

We can see whether or not this theory is true when the summer season arrives.  Once summer hits, players should immediately look for Corsola as it could probably appear in their areas. 

Niantic did something really different with Corsola this time with their region-exclusive Pokemon. In the previous generation, Pokemon were locked in specific regions instead of a range of availability.

It is cases like these that make fans want a trading mechanic in Pokemon GO already. Those who don’t have the capabilities to travel to exclusive Pokemon’s areas will have a tough time completing their Pokedexes. Once Pokemon GO trading is added to the game, then players can definitely have an easier time completing their respective Pokedexes.

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