Pokemon GO Complaints leads Pokemon Sun and Moon Producer to Disable Blog Comments; Links for Complaints and Query Section Inside

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As with issues in real life, the most important thing is knowing where to address your concerns in order to get a solution. So it is with Pokemon video games and Pokemon GO. Pokemon GO is developed by California-based company Niantic, while Pok?mon video games is created by Tokyo-based Game Freaks. Capisce?

If you have been sending your queries and Pokemon GO complaints to Game Freak co-founder Junichi Masuda, then your frustrations are falling on deaf ears.

Although he may have acknowledged that he collaborated on Pokemon GO?s game design, music and more, he explained in his official blog that he is not the proper person to consult regarding player support for the game.

?After talking this over with various individuals, I?m temporarily suspending the comments section,? he wrote. ?Since Niantic, Inc. is the developer and administrator of Pokemon GO, I?m sorry to trouble everyone, but in regards to support information, please check the help site that Niantic is overseeing.?

He probably got fed up with the Pok?mon GO complaints and comments that have been flooding his blog.

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Masuda was not going to leave clueless players hanging though. He linked the Pokemon GO help site, support site, safety guidelines, and even the FAQ in his blog entry. If that isn?t enough to help you in your game, then nothing else will.

He is already busy as it is with production of Pokemon Sun and Moon, so please take up your Pokemon GO suggestions, comments, questions or complaints with Niantic.

In the meantime, Masuda created the music and sound effects for Pokemon GO. In a panel interview with E3, he said, ?Since it?s a game where you go out and about and you?re walking around while playing it, I wanted the music to be kind of a higher tempo, a higher pace to get people more excited. Some of the research I?ve done indicates that walking fast is actually better for your health. I really wanted to make this music kind of encourage people to take steps a little bit more quickly, walk faster.?

Well, perhaps if the query or complaint is about the game?s music, he would reply?

In the meantime, for Pokemon GO tips, tricks and news, just go to The Bitbag Pokemon GO tab. We got you covered.

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