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Pokemon GO Update: Coin Tweaks And Other Undocumented Changes Found In Gym Rework

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Pokemon GO Easter Event

After the short wait, it looks like Niantic has finally opened up Gyms in Pokemon GO again and that means players are going to experience a ton of new tweaks and changes in the game. Aside from what Naintic announced before, players are observing a ton of other tweaks and changes in the recent Pokemon GO update.

Redditor ZaOniRinku shares with the community a collection of what players have discovered in the recent Pokemon GO update. Niantic has added quite a few substantial changes that went unannounced, and players should take note of them while playing the game.


With the update, Niantic is no longer giving players a Coin bonus for every 21 hours depending on the number of Gyms they are holding. Instead, players will be given a Coin depending on how long their Pokemon has defended a Gym. It goes up a Coin per hour and players will be able to get the Coin bonus once the Pokemon is defeated and comes home to the players.

Pokemon Motivation

One of the expected new features in Pokemon GO is the Motivation system for defending Pokemon. When a Pokemon is first placed in a Gym, it won’t begin with max motivation. It’s best to give the Pokemon Berries at the start. If a Pokemon’s Motivation gets completely drained, players will need to feed it 10 Berries until it is full.

Moreover, players are given 20 Stardusts if they feed a Pokemon with a Pinap, Razz and Nanab Berry. Another reward that players can get from feeding a Pokemon is a Candy of the fed Pokemon. However, Candies are only rewarded if players feed the Pokemon of an ally.

Gym Spinning

Another confirmed feature coming with the Pokemon GO update is the ability to spin the photo disc of Gyms for new items. If players do spin a Gym, they’ll be able to get 2 to 4 item. If they are on the same team as the Gym, they’ll be able to get an extra item.

Players should also be aware that spinning a Gym will count as a player’s daily stop bonus. Lastly, those with a Pokemon GO Plus could be disappointed a bit as they can’t use the device to spin Gyms. Hopefully, Niantic adds this feature in the future.

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