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Pokemon GO Coin Reward Bug Fixed

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Despite all of the improvements made, the most recent Pokemon GO update suffered from a number of problems, one of which resulted in coin rewards not being given. Niantic has stated that this bug has finally been fixed, so fans that defend their Pokemon Gyms can get more coins again. Fans are still angry at the coins they didn’t get when having successful gym battles, so the fix should please those who are still playing the mobile game.

“Trainers, we’ve noticed a brief interruption in which Defender bonuses are not being awarded. Stay tuned for a fix shortly,” Niantic said on Twitter. Defender bonuses should be given to fans now that the bug is gone, though a number of users on Reddit pointed out that they haven’t been reimbursed for lost coins despite the fix. Here is hoping that other the fix is a permanent one, since it would make the Pokemon Gym system worthless if the coins aren’t being given for successful defenders.

Getting a number of coins in the game is important, since it allows players to buy items in the shop without spending real-life money. These can be used for essential buys that will help players in their Pokemon GO journey, like egg incubators, poke’ balls and much more. Since the Pokemon Gyms were overhauled by the most recent update, it made the title feel more different from how it used to play.

Despite the annoyances, fans are happy that the coin system is back to normal and they can go back to raising their Pokemon for intense defending. Players have to raise their Pokemon by giving them stardust for better stats, while evolution requires candies from catching the same monsters over and over. Pokemon GO is available now on iOS and Android devices as a free download.

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