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Pokemon GO Christmas Update Confirmed to Include Gen 2 Pokemon?

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When Pokemon GO first launched, it instantly became a massive hit all over the world. Since that time though Niantic Labs has been on a mission to try and maintain the high number of active daily users playing the game. This is why it has come up with the upcoming Christmas event, much like it had with Halloween and Thanksgiving. While the Pokemon GO Christmas Update has not yet been officially revealed, leaks have surfaced saying that it could finally include the Gen 2 Pokemon.

The number of Pokemon available in Pokemon GO has remain unchanged. The only major difference that happened is the introduction of Ditto which was previously not available to catch. This has gotten many Pokemon GO trainers anxious as many have been looking forward to the addition of the Gen 2 Pokemon to the game.

Gen 2 Pokemon Coming in the Pokemon GO Christmas Update?

If the rumors are correct, Pokemon GO players may not have to wait much longer. According to Mirror UK, there is a very exciting update in store for Pokemon GO fans. The Pokemon GO Christmas Update could potentially include the introduction of the much awaited Gen 2 Pokemon.

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The report mentions that the release notes of the data mining of the Pokemon GO APK version 0.49.1 included audio files for the 100 Gen 2 Pokemon. While this does not ultimately confirm that the Gen 2 Pokemon will be coming with the Pokemon GO Christmas Update, it may be a sign that it will happen very soon.

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Double XP Feature

Aside from the exciting addition of the Gen 2 Pokemon, trainers will undoubtedly enjoy the double XP feature which will help attract more players. This is the same thing that Niantic Labs introduced during the Halloween and Thanksgiving event. This allows trainers to earn twice the XP for catching Pokemon, checking in at a Pokestop and defeating enemies at Pokemon Gyms.

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If you are a die-hard Pokemon GO fan, you should definitely watch out for more news and updates on the upcoming Gen 2 Pokemon. Be sure to check back here as we will give you all the details and updates about the Pokemon GO Christmas update as well as on other trending topics in the world of gaming.


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