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Pokemon GO Christmas Event: Unique Pokemon Spawns For The 12 Days Of Christmas?

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The holidays are coming, and mobile fans are hoping to see a Pokemon GO Christmas event. While it might have been overshadowed by Pokemon Sun and Moon, there’s no denying that it’s still popular. With the Thanksgiving and Halloween updates making gangbusters for Niantic, a Christmas one should be considered. It is the time for giving after all.

One Reddit user has posted a brilliant idea. For the 12 days of Christmas, Niantic should make spawns suit the song. Admittedly, some of the suggestions could be better, but they’re still pretty interesting. If anything, it could lead to plenty of experience points for a player’s trainer, or even an evolution. If done right, it will lead to a very Merry Christmas for mobile players.

12 Days Of Pokemon

Without further ado, here are some interesting suggestions for a possible Pokemon GO Christmas event. Considering the game’s massive popularity, one should assume that it’s a matter of when and not if.

  • 1st Day – A partridge in a pear tree (Pidgey spawns are drastically increased)
  • 2nd Day – Two turtle doves (Squirtle family spawns increased)
  • 3rd Day – Three french hens (Mr. Mime spawns in all regions)
  • 4th Day – Four calling birds (Pidgey, Spearow, Doduo family spawns increased, Farfetch’d available in all regions)
  • 5th Day – Five golden rings (The first five Pokestops spun give you a daily-type XP/item bonus)
  • 6th Day – Six geese a laying (All egg hatch distances reduced to 25%)
  • 7th Day – Seven swans a swimming (Lapras spawns increased)
  • 8th Day – Eight maids a milking (Tauros available in all regions)
  • 9th Day – Nine ladies dancing (Jynx spawns increased)
  • 10th Day – Ten lords a leaping (Kangaskhan available in all regions)
  • 11th Day – Eleven pipers piping (Incense and lures half-price)
  • 12th Day – Twelve drummers drumming (Cubone, Marowak, Kadabra, Alakazam spawns increased)

Merry Christmas?

Since a Pokemon GO Christmas event is likely, it will be interesting to see when exactly it will take place. Doing this during the actual holiday would be a bit risky, so many a few days before it starts would be proper. Then again, the company could do the event in the days leading to Christmas. Either way, it should be interesting.

Pokemon GO is available now on iOS and Android devices.

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