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Pokemon GO Christmas Event Possible As Niantic Force Updates iOS

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Developer Niantic has now made the Pokemon GO iOS update version 0.51 a mandatory update to play the game. Previously, this optional update was datamined and it yielded new content for a possible Pokemon GO Christmas Event such as Gift Boxes. Is this forced update a signal that a big holiday event will start anytime soon?

The?Silph Road?has previously?mined a few information with regards to the possible Christmas holiday event and said that making the optional update mandatory soon might pave the way for a Christmas Event . They stated that “…if this were to happen, and v0.51.0 were to be a forced update sometime very soon (this event wouldn’t work without one, as the graphic assets are needed for the event) we could potentially be looking at some sort of “holiday items” showing up in a box and being visible from the menu via a colored ‘Shop’ page.”

Niantic still has time to squeeze in a Pokemon GO Christmas event. Hopefully the said update can surpass their Halloween and Thanksgiving one. There is still a few days left before the year 2016 ends to make it happen.

Forced Update Activates New Feature

Apple Watch support was secretly added in the optional v0.51.0 update. After this was made into a mandatory update, the official Facebook page?of the game has announced that Pokemon GO on Apple Watch is officially supported. With this move, it’s possible that Niantic will also activate the Christmas Event as the codes are already available in the latest update version.

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Let us think positively that there will definitely be a?Pokemon GO Christmas update?before this year ends. Also, we hope that the update would include some major changes that would definitely make our wait worthwhile.

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