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Pokemon GO Christmas Event: Next In-Game Event Starts On Wednesday [Rumor]

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Pokemon GO
Pokemon GO Santa Raichu

A few days ago, Niantic revealed that gen 2 is already available in the hit augmented reality title, Pokemon GO. Along with the announcement of the new Pokemon in the game, Niantic also revealed that there?s more to be expected in the title before the year ends. While players already got?Santa Pikachu and Raichu, there might still be more Pokemon GO Christmas event content coming,?and one player has an idea when the date could be.

Pokemon GO Christmas Event

Redditor Mcrt88 shares why he believes that there will be a Pokemon GO announcement soon. The player is basing on what Niantic has done with previous events and announcements with regards to the game, and the theory does seem plausible.

?If we have seen anything the last few months, the event will be announced today with a start date of 12/21. The last 2 events were announced Monday at 6:02AM (Thanksgiving) and 6:20AM PST (Halloween), if you include this Gen 2 hatching ?Event,? that was announced at 10:26AM PST on 12/12, a Monday,? says the player.

Players are definitely looking forward to the Pokemon GO Christmas event as the previous Halloween event was a big success. Niantic?s seasonal event gave players a reason to jump back into the game as there were a few bonus rewards for playing. With the Christmas season drawing near, Niantic could be more generous with the event this time around.

If the Pokemon GO Christmas event does happen, players can expect to get a few bonuses from Niantic. These include extra XP, more Candy, more Poke Coins and possibly even rare Pokemon.

There?s still a few days left for Niantic to unveil the next big event for the game. If not today, then the announcement might come in the following days.


Obviously, a Christmas Event for the game didn’t start this Wednesday. However, it’s possible this event may start anytime soon.

Just recently, Niantic has forced updated the iOS version and it provided Apple Watch support. This update version was previously an optional update. This optional update was datamined before and found inside it were codes for Apple Watch support and Christmas themed items.

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