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Pokemon GO Christmas Event Could Happen Soon According to Recent Data Mine

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Pokemon GO Christmas Event

Pokemon GO has made a lot of effort recently in hopes of attracting users to continue playing the game. Niantic Labs launched a Halloween and Thanksgiving Pokemon GO event, which here very successful. Many were hoping that there would be a Pokemon GO Christmas event too. So far, however, Niantic Labs has not made any announcements. The recent data mine of the game?s code though reveal that there could still be a Pokemon GO Christmas event that may happen soon.

For the month of December, Niantic Labs introduced a Pokemon GO update which was unfortunately a little disappointing. The game?s developers introduced Gen 2 baby Pokemon and a special Pikachu wearing a Santa hat. That was not exactly the Holiday event which many fans of the game were expecting.

Pokemon GO Christmas Event

Well, it appears that there could still be a Pokemon GO Christmas event happening soon after all. This comes after a user from The Silph Road SubReddit posted data mine results that are very interesting.

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Reddit user dronpes shared that a data mine of the Pokemon GO APK revealed that there were some lines of code pointing to a possible Holiday event. The post stated that there were ?present/gift? graphics added to the game as well as the ?HasHolidayItems? to the game?s code.

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While these may not be a lot of information, there seems to be no other reason to make the additions other than for an upcoming Holiday event. It is possible that Niantic Labs could surprise users with a present or gift when they log in on Christmas day.

Niantic Labs Could Make an Announcement Soon

They could also possibly be working on something else that will capture the interest of Pokemon GO fans. Expect Niantic Labs to make an announcement related to this very soon as Christmas is just a few days away.

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Be sure to check back here soon to find out what the Pokemon GO Christmas event will be. Also come back to read more on the latest updates on Pokemon GO as well as on the other trending topics in the world of gaming.


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