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Pokemon GO Cheats: How to Use Pokemon GO Bots to Quickly Catch All Pokemon, Gain 50,000 XP in 1 Hour Time Without Walking?

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Pokemon GO

Third party developers are creating all sorts of tools that can help Pokemon GO players to find Pokemon without walking. ?Pokemon Bots? is one of the Pokemon GO cheats that can be used to auto-play Pokemon GO.

How to Use Pokemon GO Bots?

Pokemon GO bots automate the entire process of searching and catching Pokemon by spoofing the GPS coordinates. To use it, a player needs to provide the latitude and longitude of the starting place (usually the center places of a major city). The player will also need to provide a Pokemon GO account login details to authenticate the game servers.

The automated bot will start searching for Pokemon that are nearby and catch them by using a simple API call. It will not need the player to walk to find Pokemon. In order to simulate walking, the Pokemon GO bot will send spoofed GPS coordinates to the game servers.

Computing bots like Pokebudyy and MyGoBot can run on PCs and can play the game on behalf of the players. However, it takes away all the fun of exploring areas to find Pokemon. The automated bots won?t show the augmented reality interface of the game but it will display running texts on level status, XPs earned, Pokemon and PokeStop items collected, Ars Technica reported.

Pokemon GO Cheats Bot - MyGoBot

Why Should You Use Pokemon GO Bot?

Players have reported that as they advance in the game, the difficulty curve gets steeper. For instance, in order to reach level 20 from 19, a player needs 25,000 XP. And to reach level 21 from 20, a player should have 50,000 XP.

A Reddit user, ?_problemz? has stated that the game requires the player to earn 5 million XP to reach level 40 from 39. Hence, a player needs to have a cumulative XP count of 20 million to reach level 40.

After reaching level 40 by using the Pokemon GO Bot, he discovered that the game will not allow the player to progress ahead. The internal tests carried out by the publication revealed that the automated bots could help the player to gain around 50,000 XP in 1 hour.

The automated bots?is one of the best Pokemon GO cheats tool that?can do various things for the player such as collect new PokeBalls, trade duplicate Pokemon, incubate and hatch eggs, automate the Pokemon evolution process and so on. It can even help the player in setting priority on the Pokemon to catch and the ones to avoid.

Pokemon GO

Is it Okay to Use Pokemon GO Bots?

Using automated tools are against the Terms of Use of Pokemon GO. Hence, it is likely that Niantic may take action against the users of Pokemon GO Bots.

However, Niantic will be able to impose a ban or take relevant action only if it is able to detect the automated process. According to MyBot, it is one of the most stable Pokemon GO cheats tool?that can avoid detection.

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