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Pokemon GO Cheats: How to Use Poke++ to Walk to Any Location in the Game Without Moving and Without Getting Banned [No GPS Spoofing Involved]

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Players who want to climb levels faster in Pokemon GO are looking for Pokemon GO cheats that can make them advance without walking. A new cheat has surfaced that allows Pokemon GO players to remain at their place and still move their character to any location in the game.

First of all, one should be aware of the fact that faking locations can result in a ban and the following hack is one of the Pokemon GO cheats that can lead to a ban. However, there are chances that people may not get banned as the cheat only makes the character in the game move around the location.

This hack is different from the cheats that have gotten people banned for transporting their character from one place to other. The hack is easy to perform and is currently only available for iOS device users.

In order to perform one of the easiest Pokemon GO cheats for iOS, users will have to jailbreak their devices. Unlike before, jailbreaking an iPhone is easier as it does not even require users to connect their device to a PC.

Pokemon GO cheats Poke++

Once jailbreaking is done, users need to launch Cydia and add the following source – http://beta.unlimapps.com, and then Install Poke++ and then launch the game.

The game will now show a joystick at the bottom right corner of the screen. It can be used to move the avatar throughout the game. There is an on-screen option for increasing the speed of walking. Users can select from available options like 2X and 4X.

The ?Tap to Walk? is another new option that will show up on the game and it will enable the avatar to move a location when a player taps on the screen. It works faster than the joystick.

The ?Patrol? option will let the character move around on its own and when a Pokemon appears in the way, the player can tap on it and capture it by throwing PokeBalls. There is an option to bring up the Google Maps and users can tap on a location on it to make the character walk to that place.

The aforementioned hack is different from Pokemon GO cheats that involve GPS spoofing. Players who are caught doing GPS spoofing can result in a soft ban. Pokemon GO players can read here to know what they should not do so they will not get banned for cheating.

Here is a tutorial on how to perform the above mentioned hack:

Source: YouTube / ICrackUriDevice

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