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Pokemon GO Cheats: How to Use a Lucky Egg to Earn 60,000 XP and Hatch Eggs Without Walking?

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A Lucky Egg can be used to double the XP that the player gains in 30 minutes. Hence, it is recommended to use it wisely. Here are some easy Pokemon GO cheats on using a Lucky Egg to get 60,000 XP and to hatch other eggs without walking.

How to Earn 60,000 XP Through 1 Lucky Egg?

A Lucky Egg will show up once the player hits level 9. However, it can also be purchased through the in-game store or PokeCoins. Players can purchase a single Lucky Egg for $0.99, eight Lucky Eggs for $4.99 and 25 for $9.99. These eggs can also be bought through 80, 500 and 1,250 PokeCoins, respectively. ?

The player needs to look in the map to find a place with several PokeStops and then activate Incense or the Lure module. Next, the player is required to activate the Lucky Egg to catch all the Pokemon with the Incense or until the Lure module lasts.

Through a Lucky Egg, players can earn 200 XP for catching a new Pokemon. During the time period, the player should also evolve all the Pokemon that are already with him. According to Heavy, players can do around 60 evolutions in the short span of time making it possible to use only one egg to earn 60,000 XP.

Pokemon Go Lucky Egg

How to Hatch Eggs Quickly?

For players who are in the lower levels, hatching an egg is important to get a new Pokemon. However, it requires ?for the player to put an egg inside an incubator and walk a certain distance until it hatches into a Pokemon. There are several ways through which eggs can be hatched without walking.

The idea is to simulate walking by strapping the smartphone to the dog or to a robotic vacuum cleaner with the Pokemon GO app running. Alternatively, players can try Tech Insider?s technique that requires the smartphone with the game running to be placed on a spinning turntable that is set to the highest speed.

Also, GPS Spoofing is one of the Pokemon GO cheats that can be used to make the smartphone think that the player is walking even though he is not moving. Here is a tutorial on how to do Pokemon GO GPS spoofing for iOS and Android devices. One needs to be aware of the fact that GPS Spoofing can lead to a ban.

Here is a video from Tech Insider that demonstrates the aforementioned tricks:

Source: YouTube / Tech Inisder

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