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Pokemon GO Cheats: Trackers That Still Work After Niantic’s “Sightings” Update

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Pokemon GO cheats and hacks have already spoiled the fun for many players. Even after Niantic?s updates, some Pokemon trackers are still working. Niantic recently introduced an update and added the new Sightings tracker to the game, though the version that shows the specific location of the Pokemon has yet to be released. Because of this, some players are still interested in using functional third party trackers.

On its official website, Niantic confirmed that it is testing the nearby feature in Pokemon GO. The company claims that the tracker has been improved and they are also working on variations. The current Sightings tracker doesn?t show you the specific location of the Pokemon as well as its spawn and despawn time.

Niantic has appealed to fans not to use such apps, including Skiplagged, PokiiMap, Pokefind and Poke Maps Pro. There are many more applications available which are being used as alternatives to Pokemon locators which have been banned by Niantic last month.

The game has completed its one month and it seems that the condition is getting better. The servers look more stable these days and Niantic is also communicating with fans. The company has already told fans about the reason behind not allowing third party apps, but it looks like fans are stuck to these apps and can?t stop using them.

Pokemon GO cheats, hacks and tricks have caused so many problems to the players as well as to Niantic. The company strictly said that they will not allow bots and any other application to damage the gameplay. Now, with the latest update on Android and iOS, the company has addressed many issues, brought back the battery saver in iOS and is testing two new features for the nearby tracker. These indicate that the company is relentlessly trying to make players stay within the app instead of using third party applications or hacking tools to play Pokemon GO.

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