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Pokemon GO Cheats: Top 3 Exploits Still Usable In The Latest Android & iOS Update

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Pokemon GO Cheats

Some Pokemon GO cheats are still working as many players are still able to use them even after Niantic?s recent update. Some exploits include the Grimer glitch which allows unaffected players to hold Gyms for hours as the affected players? phones freeze upon seeing the Pokemon. There are also other exploits in the game that cause unbalanced gameplay.

While many Pokemon GO fans are dealing with the Grimer bug and are unable to catch the Pokemon, some players who are unaffected by it are using it to their advantage. Some players reported that Grimers that defend Pokemon Gyms can hold the fort for days as players who challenge it automatically have their phones crash upon seeing the creature.

Another exploit known is the Pokemon GO Gym bug. This exploit is simply done by inserting a Pokemon in a Gym shortly after someone has successfully conquered a Gym. By using this cheat, many players are overtaking Gyms like crazy. Players who conquered a Gym are unable to immediately place their Pokemon in the Gym as they need a couple seconds to heal their Pokemon first.

In-game issues and bugs are not the only problems Niantic is dealing with. Third party applications are causing too much load on the game?s servers. Niantic has already shut down some of the applications including PokeVision and PokeAdvisor, but there are still alternatives available.

One can easily find alternative apps and other Pokemon GO cheats that work perfectly for the game. Some players have also introduced a map which players can use as an alternative to Pokemon locator apps. Niantic is also dealing with bots, or virtual players that cheat the game?s system to progress in less time than others with little to no effort.

Fans are not happy because these Pokemon GO cheats prevent them from progressing in the game. Those who are facing these problems have already initiated movements against the company. Although Niantic has started communicating with fans, players are still waiting for the gameplay to be fair in every aspect.

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