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Pokemon GO Cheats: Tips to Hatch Eggs Faster

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Pokemon GO Cheats

Pokemon GO has become an extremely popular mobile game ever since it released earlier this month. While many people think the game is just about catching wild Pokemon in the real world, there are other aspects to it that can also be very rewarding. An example of this is hatching eggs. Hatching eggs may be a bit challenging which is why one of the Pokemon GO cheats that you must learn is how to hatch eggs faster in Pokemon GO.

First off, you must first know where to find Pokemon eggs. Usually you can find these in the wild or in PokeStops where you can get free items. If you are not familiar with eggs yet, there are actually different kinds of eggs that can hatch into various Pokemon. There are 2km, 5km and 10km eggs.

If you are wondering why the eggs are classified as such, it is actually the distance that you would need to travel once the egg is in your incubator before it will hatch. Yes, you will need to get off your couch in order to hatch your eggs. That is actually what Pokemon GO wants you to do.

Hatching eggs can take a while if you do not know the right thing to do. One very helpful tip that you must remember is to travel in a straight line when you are trying to hatch your eggs. According to Forbes, the game often only measures straight distance when you are hatching an egg. Therefore, going in circles will not help you at all. Always try to travel in a straight line to help hatch eggs faster in Pokemon GO.

Pokemon GO Egg Hatching

Another handy tip that you can try is to get as many incubators as you can. You only start out with one incubator but you will learn later on that this is simply not enough. If you are planning to buy an item with your hard earned cash, incubators should be it.

Once you have a lot of incubators and you are hatching eggs by batches, one tip that you should try is to use a bike or your car to travel the distance needed. Pokemon GO is not limited to walking only. You will be credited with the distance you traveled, not how fast you get there. Therefore, try to bike, jog or ride in a straight path to help hatch Pokemon eggs faster. Always remember to stay alert and be safe to avoid any accidents while doing so.

There you have it. With these helpful tips, you will surely be hatching Pokemon GO eggs in no time. Good luck!

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