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Pokemon GO Cheats: Tips to Find Rare Pokemon Nest Locations

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Pokemon GO

Succeeding in Pokemon GO takes a lot of time and effort. Unlike other games wherein you would only need to sit on your couch and play the game, Pokemon GO actually needs you to roam around your city to find and catch different Pokemon. One of the best Pokemon GO cheats that you should know is how to find rare Pokemon nest locations as it can really give you an edge in evolving rare and strong Pokemon.

One of the first things that every Pokemon GO player should know is that a Pokemon will only evolve if you are able to collect enough Pokemon candy that it requires. You can get Pokemon candy for a particular Pokemon by catching the same type of Pokemon. Collect the number of Pokemon candy that a Pokemon requires and it will eventually trigger an evolution.

Finding Pidgey or Ratata candy is very easy because those types of Pokemon can be found literally everywhere. The problem is how you can find more than one Porygon, Snorlax or other rare Pokemon. This is where knowing how to find a rare Pokemon nest can come in handy.

A Pokemon nest is a location where one type of Pokemon can be found in large numbers. If you can find a Pokemon nest for rare Pokemon then you can easily evolve it by collecting candies very quickly. If you are on the hunt for a rare Pokemon nest, be sure to follow the handy tips below:

  • Do Not Be Afraid to Ask ? Pokemon GO is a great game not only because it allows you to catch Pokemon in the wild but it can also help you interact with other people. There are many Pokemon GO groups on social media and you can always ask the other gamers there as to where they have encountered a rare Pokemon nest in your locality.
  • Maximize Social Media ? Social media has really made life easy for everyone and it can make finding a rare Pokemon nest easier as well. Try to check social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook or Instagram and check out where other Pokemon GO players are finding rare nests in your city.
  • Explore the Pokemon GO Reddit ? The Pokemon GO subreddit is certainly an excellent source of information for all types of gamers. You can get a ton of useful details there as well as other tips and advice. If you are patient enough, you might just catch a post about a rare Pokemon nest near your area.
  • Follow Up on a Tip Right Away ? If you have a tip as to where a rare nest could be found, follow it up right away. There may be instances when the tip will not yield any rare Pokemon but not checking up on it will only guarantee that you will gain anything. Give it a shot and you might just end up getting lucky.

Rare Pokemon Nests

There you have it. Finding rare Pokemon nests is never easy but with the tips above you will no doubt have an edge! Good luck and do your best to ?catch ?em all!?

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