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Pokemon GO Cheats That Can Get You Banned or Lose Friends

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Pokemon GO Cheats

Like any other game, rules exist in Pokemon GO to try and keep cheaters from? cheating their way to victory. Even if you will do anything to finally bag yourself an Alakazam, your parents were right — cheating is bad and will make you go to hell. So in response, we have scoured the internet and identified some of the most used Pokemon GO cheats from harmless ones (that may help in bagging Alakazam, without having to go to hell) to ones that can get you banned (go to hell). ?

Manipulate Evee?s evolution.

Choose Evee?s evolution by changing the unevolved Evee?s nickname to:

Sparky for Jolteon, Pyro for Fareon, and Rainer for Vaporeon.

Make it strong by going for Vaporeon right away.

Egg Hatching Machine

Too lazy to hatch those eggs? Try these sweet methods:

Strap your mobile phone onto your pet.

Make your phone spin on a record player or bicycle wheel. Or tape it on your ceiling fan!

Make Mum hold on to your phone when she is on the treadmill.

Pokemon GO Cheats

Stealing Gyms

Watch out for Gym snipers or be a sniper yourself. Here?s how to own the gym without battling.

Wait until the battle is over and wait for the gym to turn white – this means the gym has become neutral. There will be a couple of seconds between the winning side to go back out of the menu and claim the gym, so if you are fast enough, tap on it and place your Pokemon in there as a defender. Next, go to your shop menu and then tap on the shield icon. Claim you daily defender bonus of pokecoins and stardust! [Excessive use may really make you lose friends]

GPS Spoofing

Again, we get it, sometimes being in the couch is the best feeling in the world – so here?s how to catch Pokemons without having to get up. [Proceed at your own risk, this could really get you banned from the game if caught]

Harmless way: You can try flying your phone via a drone

Bad way: Upload a fake GPS app like Blue Stacks. First, get the coordinates of the Pokemon you want in pokevision and then input the location on your fake GPS app. Once done, restart your Pokemon GO app and then log in.

To effectively do this, you would have to modify your device settings – and we mean not just the app but your actual mobile device. This is to allow you to truly fool the app. You need to change your GPS data without the operating system realizing that you?re doing so. See our complete instructions on how to do this here.

Pokemon GO cheats on GPS Spoofing

Our last tip?

PLAY FAIR. Be mindful of your surroundings and the people around you. Even if you?re in a secret military facility (or other places like churches, cemeteries and while in class/work) ?that is home to Mewtwo (or Alakazam), but full of signs that say ?No Pokemon hunting?, please respect it and do your Pokemon hunting discreetly (but seriously, keep it outside). Pokemon GO is created to be enjoyed without harming the environment and causing any trouble (or you might go to hell).

For more Pokemon GO cheats and updates, keep it here in TheBitbag (or go to hell).

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