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Pokemon GO Cheats: How To Set Up GPS Spoofing, Where To Buy HackRF One

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Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO is continuing to conquer gaming fans across the globe as Niantic and Nintendo are extending the official release to many countries by the day. However, people can still play the game even without an official release using multiple techniques. Also, there are some Pokemon GO cheating techniques that can be used to advance the game, like the ?GPS spoofing? for lazy bums. For those uninitiated, this game can only be played with GPS-enabled handsets.

As the name implies, the GPS spoofing tricks the game to believe the player is actually walking around catching Pokemon, while in reality the player might be sitting at the comfort of his house. The same GPS spoofing technique can be used to make the game believe you are playing in a different location. Technically, software alone cannot get this job done. It also requires hardware tweaks.

Insinuator?s Stefan Kiese tried and tested a couple of ways to cheat Pokemon GO by spoofing his GPS location with the help of the HackRF SDR (Software Defined Radio). To play the game, players walk from one Pok?stop to another, catching Pokemon on the way and buying things that are required to boost the power. By spoofing the GPS signal, Kiese was able to simulate walking around without actually doing it.

Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO GPS Spoofing Technique

Kiese reportedly used ?GPS-SDR-Sim? software created by Takuji Ebinuma, a working GPS Spoofing tool, to transmit SDRs like the HackRF radio. Initially, the experimentation was not successful because Kiese found out that HackRF was jamming the GPS signals, and obviously, it was not simulating anything.

After further analysis, he narrowed down the problem to the HackRF?s clock, which was apparently not precise. He says it is better to use an external clock than the internal one. Now that he?s got a new problem to fix, he reportedly used a function generator to set up a stable 10MHz square wave signal with 3Vpp. This will be the input to the HackRF?s clock input port,?RTL-SDR noted.

In addition, he ended up disabling ?A-GPS (i.e. Assisted-GPS)? on his handset as it makes use of the local cell phone towers to improve GPS location tracking. To achieve this, the Pokemon GO player can either put the device in flight mode, or the mobile network and WIFI/BT in the settings of the handset can be disabled.

Following this, he was apparently able to use the GPS-SDR-Sim tool to plan a simulated walking route. After doing all these, his Pokemon GO avatar was able to stand and walk around in the way he wanted.

Pokemon GO GPS Spoofing Hardware & Software Requirements

In order to try GPS spoofing, the basic requirement includes?GPS-SDR-SIM and?HackRF One.

Pokemon GO GPS Spoofing Warning

The same site has listed down a couple of warnings for the Pokemon GO GPS spoofing cheaters.

1. GPS Spoofing is ?illegal? in many countries across the globe.

2. If you were thinking that the Pokemon GO game doesn?t have cheating detection techniques, you should know that Niantic has it covered. This means sooner or later you will be caught, and in the worst-case, you might get banned.


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