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Pokemon GO Cheats: Selling Accounts Might Get You Banned?

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Pokemon Go

Selling Pokemon GO accounts has become a new trend since the game?s launch. People are buying active accounts in order to get ready-made progress in the game. However, Niantic and Nintendo have already warned fans about using Pokemon GO cheats in the new augmented reality game, but players seem to be unstoppable or just plain unaware. Some pro players are selling their accounts and minting money with the new mobile game. What will happen when you sell or buy a your account?

Game developer Niantic Labs has already clarified its stand against Pokemon GO cheats. On its official website, the company has shared a long list of guidelines each gamer needs to follow. The guide suggests that sharing of accounts and the use of multiple accounts to play the game is unacceptable, and the company will ban the player if they find him/her violating the rules. The company also states that selling/buying of accounts will not be entertained, and players are not allowed to do so.

Pokemon GO allows players to report to the company those who are violating the game?s rules. The company says that it will review the reports and accounts of the flagged players. If the company finds a player violating the rules, the player?s account might get suspended for a certain period of time. It can also lead to a permanent account termination.

In the last few days, many reports suggested that people have started selling their Pokemon GO accounts for hundreds of dollars. It may look like an alluring business to many, but this is not what Niantic wants players to do. The money players are making is certainly big, but there are huge chances that all these accounts might get banned. Niantic is strict about the game?s rules, and the company has already released a notice against APK files. Now the company is also aware of Pokemon GO cheats, and they are going after the cheaters to stop them from spoiling the gameplay experience for genuine Pokemon fans.

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