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Pokemon GO Cheats: How To Remove Soft, Permanent Ban?

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Pokemon GO

Millions of players across the world are catching Pokemon through the highly popular augmented reality game, Pokemon GO. Players are also trying various kind of Pokemon GO cheats to level up fast and catch Pokemon at home by faking location.

Hence, such players are likely to get banned by Niantic. Here is what you can do when you get banned while playing Pokemon GO.?

Pokemon GO cheats such as faking location, sharing accounts, selling accounts, signing into devices of other players that are in other time zones or countries faster than normal travel time and using modified software can result in ban. Even playing the game on the highway at a speed of 50 kmph or above. Here are three things that Pokemon GO players can do if they get banned.

Wait For Ban Period To Expire

If a player has received a ban, he may notice that it becomes more difficult to catch Pokemon and earn XPs. Players with soft ban have said that carrying out simpler tasks like collecting things from PokeStops also becomes difficult. It is only after the ban period expires that the players will be able to enjoy the game normally.


Download and Install game

Players can also consider removing the Pokemon GO app from their device and download the game and install it again. Some players have reported that restarting the game can also help in removing soft ban.

Use Alternate Device

Recent reports suggest Niantic has banned the devices of the players who faked their location. In such a situation, players can make use of an alternate device to play the game.

Recovering from ban can result in losing Pokemon and earned XPs and players can end up playing the game from the start. Hence, it is recommended to avoid all the Pokemon GO cheats that can lead to a ban.

In other words, players should avoid using GPS spoofing software to fake locations, using cheat codes for evolving Pokemon, hatching eggs faster by tying to pets or wheels, stealing gyms from other players and performing other Pokemon GO cheats that violate the guidelines set by Niantic.

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