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Pokemon GO Cheats: Niantic Shows Graph To Illustrate How Trackers, GPS Spoofing, And Bots Affect Servers

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Ever since it was released in July, Pokemon GO has been subject to numerous cheaters and GPS spoofs, which have affected the game’s servers and have derailed the enjoyment of many fans who simply wanted to play the game. As of the most recent update, most of the third party apps and sites have been blocked by developer Niantic, and it also compromised some apps that fans were using to catch Pokemon. The developers have now stated why they did it.

In a post on their official website, the developers in Niantic said that the numerous bots, GPS spoofing applications and hacks were affecting the game’s servers, which prevented the game’s release in multiple countries. It was just released in South America and Brazil, but it would have been released sooner had it not been for the third party applications that tried to get into the game’s servers without permission from Niantic.

This not only delayed the Brazilian release of Pokemon GO but might have also delayed a worldwide release in general. It definitely puts some things into perspective, since many thought the game would have a worldwide release in July. That obviously didn’t happen and now we know why.

Niantic knows that other hackers and bots will probably try to access the game’s servers. They stated that steps were taken to make sure they have a hard time doing that, some of which closed apps that might have helped players catch other Pokemon. Fans complained about them before, but it seems like the move was necessary.

The graph Niantic showed.

Niantic showed a graph that details how third party developers with no legal access have plummeted available servers for the game. Now that this problem has been cleared up a bit, the developers will be focusing on another problem that came with the game’s update: the Nearby Tracker.

Here is hoping the fixes will lead to Pokemon GO getting a worldwide release by the end of the year. The mobile game may have suffered from a lot of problems ? some of which haven’t been fixed yet ? but it continues to be a hit with hardcore and casual fans. The game is currently available on iOS and Android in select countries.

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