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Pokemon GO Cheats: Location of Mew in the Game Confirmed?

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Pokemon GO Cheats

The augmented reality game Pokemon GO allows you to catch Pokemon in the real world has been a runaway hit ever since it released last month. Everywhere you can see people trying to ?catch ?em all!? but sadly not all the Pokemon are available in the game just yet. One of the Pokemon GO cheats that you should know though is how to find the legendary Mew in the game.

There are several legendary Pokemon in the Pokemon universe but none is probably as cute and as powerful as Mew. Mew?s DNA is said to have all the strands of DNA of all the other Pokemon and it can learn any technique. Mew is certainly one of the most highly sought after Pokemon in Pokemon GO but so far it has not made an appearance just yet.

Fans though should not be discouraged as some Pokemon GO fanatics were able to sift through the game?s code and they were able to find the name of Mew and other legendary Pokemon such as Mewtwo, Articuno, Zapdos and Moltres. While the discovery confirmed that Mew does exist in Pokemon GO, there has been no news from Niantic Labs as to where exactly gamers can find the legendary Pokemon.

According to Metro, the location of Mew could potentially come from an old Pokemon video game lore. The report mentions that in Pokemon Red and Blue for the Nintendo Game Boy, a player can read a journal inside the Pokemon Mansion on Cinnabar Island which reveals the origins of a mysterious Pokemon.

Pokemon Go Cheats

According to the Journal, ?A new Pokemon was discovered deep in the Jungle? with the diary stating the date of the discovery as July 5 and the location being Guyana, South America. Thereafter, the journal revealed that on July 10 the new Pokemon was christened as Mew.

Pokemon GO has done a great job in being very consistent to the Anime and the previous video games. In fact, there is an Easter egg based on an episode of the animated series that would allow you to choose which evolution you would want your Eevee to have.

If Niantic Labs want to become as realistic as ever, Guyana could be where gamers will be able to find Mew in Pokemon GO. Though that has not yet been confirmed by the game?s developers, surely more details will be revealed about the legendary Pokemon in the coming weeks or months. Chances are, Mew and other legendary Pokemon will be part of a special event.

But who knows, someone in Guyana may just post a screenshot of Mew in their Pokedex anytime now. Where do you think Mew will be found? Hit us up on the comments below!

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