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Pokemon GO Cheats: Insta-PokeGO, Best Ever Pokemon GO Bot For Catching Rare Pokemon, Gain XPs, PokeBalls, Without Walking?

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Pokemon GO bot - InstaPokeGo

A new Pokemon GO bot called Inst-PokeGo was launched on Wednesday. It can be one of the Pokemon GO cheats bot that can automate the entire game.

Steven Bartel is the co-creator of Insta-PokeGo. He has stated that he has worked with existing and former engineers of Dropbox to build Insta-PokeGo. Over 4,000 Pokemon GO players have used the new Pokemon GO bot since its launch.

Compared to other Pokemon GO cheats that involves GPS spoofing, the Insta-PokeGo enables the player to automate the entire game. It can be easily used to catch rare Pokemon. It can be effectively used to catch Pokemon from other countries across the world.

In order to use it, players need to simply visit the InstaPokeGo website and enter login credentials of Pokemon GO Trainer account or Google account and hit the ?Let?s go? button. It can be easily used to stockpile XPs, PokeBalls, and more.


In the previous week, Niantic Labs had revised the terms of service of Pokemon GO to impose a permanent ban on players who caught Pokemon using bots. The popular Necrbot Pokemon GO bot has shut down and third-party Pokemon tracking sites like PokeVision are no longer running.

Niantic has not taken action against Insta-PokeGO. On its website, it is mentioned that none of its users have reported that were banned for using it.

It has also stated that players may experience a soft ban that will last for a short period. It can happen if the player uses to teleport to a far location or if the player forgets to turn of the game while using the bot.

Barel has told to VentureBeat that the company will probably take action against Insta-PokeGo as it has taken a stronger stance against the usage of bots. Hence, the future is uncertain for Insta-PokeGo.

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