Pokemon GO Cheats: Innocent Players Get Banned

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Pokemon GO Cheats

Recently, some Pokemon GO players were banned in the game despite not doing any GPS Spoofing attempts. Most of Niantic?s fans know the company?s efficiency in banning violators, but right now, fans can actually breathe easy if they do get banned. Currently, Niantic is focused on fixing the game?s issues and making more international servers rather than penalizing those who use Pokemon GO cheats or exploits. Here?s what we know so far about this issue.

According to user FrankieSucks in the Pokemon GO Reddit, he got banned in the game as his workplace IP address keeps showing him in a different location. However, players assured him that the bans that Niantic is giving out right now are just ?soft bans.? As its name implies, soft bans only block people?s access to the game for a few hours. Players can wait it off within the day and resume playing once the soft ban wears off.

During the game?s beta, players who leaked information about the game?s progress were immediately banned. Niantic blocked their devices from reentering the game, so most leakers and dataminers were extremely careful and only shared information among themselves for discussion?s sake.

Currently, it?s perfectly okay to share game information about Pokemon GO because it has been released in North America, Australia and New Zealand. Other servers will come in soon once Niantic fixes the issues that the game is currently experiencing. In fact, the gaming community is already discussing the game?s systems and how to maximize a Pokemon?s stats through particular Stardust and Evolution applications.

Meanwhile, GPS Spoofing is the most known Pokemon GO cheat which is currently punishable with a soft ban. GPS Spoofing is when a player uses a third party app or program that alters their GPS location to let them play the game outside its region and even teleport their character through Gyms and Pokestops without the player moving an inch. However, there are no reports yet of other possible severe cheats such as stat editing and game-breaking exploits. We?ve yet to know if those offenses will still be penalized with a soft ban.

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