Pokemon GO Cheats: How to Hatch Eggs Without Walking

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Pokemon Go Cheats

With some region-specific Pokemon, it would entail travelling across oceans in order to ?catch ?em all!?. One of the Pokemon GO cheats that can help you collect as many rare Pokemon as you can is hatching eggs without walking.

Hatching eggs is one of the important aspects which any Pokemon GO player would need to master. There are three types of eggs in Pokemon GO: a 2km egg, a 5km egg and a 10km egg. If new Pokemon GO players are wondering why they are called that, each egg will only hatch once a user has travelled the distance for each egg.

The 2km eggs would hatch very common Pokemon such as Ratatas or Pidgeys. 5km eggs will yield slightly more uncommon Pokemon such as Eevees and Pikachus. On the other hand, 10km eggs can give you rare Pokemon such as a Hitmonlee, Hitmonchan or a Dratini.

Travelling 10km in order to hatch an egg though is a lot of work and would take up a ton of time. This can be quite a hassle for Pokemon gamers who are busy with school or work. Thankfully, there is a great Pokemon GO cheat that will allow you to hatch eggs without walking.

How to Hatch Eggs Without Walking

The first thing that you would need to do to hatch Pokemon GO eggs without walking is by enabling the battery saver feature of your smartphone. This would often result to your GPS becoming less accurate. Once you have done this, proceed to the Location Settings of your smartphone and turn on Battery Saving and then turn off the ?High Accuracy? option for your GPS.

By making your GPS accuracy very low, it could trick the Pokemon GO app into thinking that you are walking even if you are simply sitting on your couch at home. The results of this technique may vary depending on the kind of smartphone that you are using but more or less it has been proven to be effective.

Be sure to check back here soon to find out more helpful Pokemon GO cheats as well as other news about the highly popular mobile game.

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