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Pokemon GO Cheats, Hacks: How To Use GPS Spoofing, Pokemon GO Bots Without Getting Banned

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Even though Niantic has confirmed that it will impose soft or permanent bans on players who resort to various kinds of Pokemon GO cheats such as GPS spoofing and Pokemon GO bots, there are many players who are still enjoying these cheating techniques without getting banned. Here are some of the ways players make use of Pokemon GO cheats and still avoid soft or permanent bans.

Do not try to catch Pokemon from another region

There are some region specific Pokemon in the game such as Tauros, Kangaskhan, Mir. Mime, Farfetch?d and others. Players should using cheating techniques to catch Pokemon from another region.

Don?t use GPS spoofing too fast

If a player is travelling too fast, Niantic can come to know that he is using a GPS spoofer. Players should not be too quick to cover the distance between two events in the game. Hence, it is advisable to play the game with natural walking speed.

Pokemon GO cheats on GPS Spoofing

Use Pokemon GO bots without appearing as a cheater

Pokemon GO bot can be used to control the account of the player to catch Pokemon, hatch eggs and visit PokeStops without making the player move from his place. To avoid getting banned, players need to ensure that the bot walks at a normal walking speed.

Since it cannot acquire Gyms, players are recommended to try to battle few times to show Niantic that a bot is not being used to play the game.

Soft and Permanent Bans

Soft bans are nothing but temporary bans that can last for a limited period. When a player receives a soft ban, he won?t be able to interact with various elements of the game.

For instance, usually when a player reaches a PokeStop, he can tap on it and spin the circle to get the inventory. However, soft banned players will not be able reap items from the PokeStop even after spinning the circle. Also, a soft banned will not be able to catch Pokemon even if he throws PokeBalls accurately.

Since soft bans are not expected to last long, players have reported that it can range from a few seconds or hours. Players can get banned permanently if they are found violating the terms and conditions of the game.

Players who are banned permanently will not allow them to start the game. Some players have said that the game may show server connection error for permanently banned players. If a player thinks that he is banned, he can appeal to Niantic by visiting this page.

Players who are still using GPS spoofing and Pokemon GO bots have said that unless the Pokemon GO cheats are detected by Niantic, there shouldn?t be any problem in using such hacks.

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