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Pokemon GO Cheats, Hack: Best Trick To Win All Pokemon GO Gym Battles Easily

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Pokemon GO

After reaching level 5, Pokemon GO players can start acquiring Gyms. However, it is not that easy to take over Gyms of other teams as it requires players to win battles. Here is one of the Pokemon GO cheats that can be used by players to easily win every single battle.

A neat trick has surfaced that allows players to win any Gym battle if they follow a consistent strategy. In order to win a Gym of an opponent team, a player needs to approach and tackle the defending Pokemon of that team.

One needs to be aware of the fact that the defending Pokemon is not controlled by any player but the computer controls it. It means the defending Pokemon will fight using certain pattern in its attack. Even though some Pokemon are easier to defeat whereas others are difficult to beat, they all defend their Gyms by following the same defense pattern while fighting.

Once a player identifies the attack strategy of different Pokemon, it will not be too difficult to defeat defending Pokemon and take over the Gym. Before attacking each Pokemon that defend their respective Gyms, one should study their attacking pattern.

Pokemon Go gym battle

Players can effectively dodge attacks from the opponent Pokemon by swiping on the screen. Once the vulnerability of a Pokemon is known, player should attack it until its health reaches zero.

To use a normal move on the defending Pokemon, players can simply tap on the screen. ?Players can also long press on the screen to build power to unleash a special attack.

It requires a little practice to become proficient with the maneuver. However, once a player masters it, it will allow players to win each and every battle for winning Gyms.

A Pokemon GO player has used this trick to effectively win all Gym battles. He has demonstrated the trick through a video (below). Read here to know the best Pokemon to use in Gym battles. A

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Source: YouTube / Poketutorials

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