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Pokemon GO Cheats: Gym Exploit With GPS Spoofing Trick To Easily Steal Gyms

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Pokemon GO

Even though it is a game meant for socializing, there have been players who have used Pokemon GO cheats to get ahead of other mobile users, and it has become frustrating. The game already has a good amount of flaws, so seeing players cheat the game to get ahead might anger some. Now a new cheat was discovered, and it will surely tick off fans who want to get Pokemon Gyms.

According to a Reddit user who managed to beat some Pokemon Gyms, there would always be a player with a Jolteon that would take the spot. The player asked others who were playing the mobile game if they used the cheap Pokemon Gym exploit, but that wasn’t the case. It turns out it is GPS spoofing.

Fans have been aware of how some players use GPS spoofing to play the game, but now it can be used as one of Pokemon GO cheats. These players supposedly use programs with the GPS spoofs so they can ?snipe? any vacant Gyms from a long distance. This causes so much frustration, since getting a Pokemon Gym has become difficult in a fully exploitable mobile game.

Players had already become paranoid about other nearby players taking their spot after attempting to heal their Pokemon, so this cheat just makes things worse for them. It was already pretty bad when the cheaters were doing it within distance, but it’s even worse when they are far away and the player can do nothing about it.

Pokemon GO Gyms have been troublesome to keep.


During San Diego Comic-Con the developers from Niantic stated that they were aware of some of the game’s problems, including the various Gym exploits, stating that they would do something about it. Now that this issue has come to the attention of gamers, here?s hoping that Niantic does something about them.

Currently, there?s a handful of Pokemon GO cheats. Some of them have been used to play the game, while others have been used to get ahead. Obviously, this recent cheat is in the latter category and should only be used by those who don’t plan on making friends with other Pokemon fans. Remember: cheat at your own risk.

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