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Pokemon GO cheats: GPS Spoofing Tricks That Actually Works

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Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO is all about catching Pokemon and the players around the world are looking to grab them all. Here are some useful Pokemon GO cheats that can help players to complete their Pokedex.

Before proceeding, readers should take note that using any kind of cheat could impose a lifetime ban on those who use them. Several players have reported that the developers have banned their accounts for violating the rules.

There are several Pokemon GO cheats that can help player to find and catch rare Pokemon. The easiest and the most effective way to acquire Pokemon is to do so by hatching eggs. The players can hatch eggs by traveling specific distances while playing Pokemon GO. Pokemon GO does not accurately calculate the distance traveled, and it can be hacked easily.

Pokemon GO calculate the distance traveled after short intervals. The players can cheat the location by turning the battery saver on and then deactivate ?High Accuracy? feature from the location settings in Android device. As a result the game will miscalculate the actual distance traveled by a player. It means the players can get a chance to hatch eggs without making required efforts. However, one should turn off the battery saver feature while actually walking as this can cause adverse effects as well.

Another way to cheat GPS is by attaching the phone to a ceiling fan. The game will calculate the movement as if the player is walking. Using this Pokemon GO cheat, the players can hatch eggs and possibly acquire rare Pokemon, reported BGR.

The Pokeball thrower, is a technique that can help players to catch Pokemon without wasting extra balls. This cheat is quite useful in catching strong Pokemon. The players can make it using cardboard box and sticky notes. Cut the board of the same size as the phone then paste the sticky ?notes in such a way that the space between them is parallel and straight. Place the contraption and throw the Pokeball. Watch this YouTube video to check how it actually works.

Moreover, players can try GPS spoofing. There is a HackRF device available in the market that affects the GPS of the device. However, the device is quite expensive and is not available easily. Moreover, to use this, one should have proper programming knowledge.

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