Pokemon GO Cheats: How To Do GPS Spoofing To Catch Pokemon, PokeStops, And Gyms Without Walking On iOS And Android

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Pokemon Go
Pokemon Go

Pokemon GO is an interesting augmented reality game that requires players to walk in real life to find Pokemon and access in-game features such as PokeStops and Pokemon Gyms. Players are now searching for Pokemon GO cheats that will allow them to advance in the game without walking.

GPS spoofing is a technique through which a smartphone can be tricked into thinking that the player is located elsewhere in the map. One needs to be aware of the fact that GPS spoofing is considered cheating by Niantic, and doing so can result in a ban.

Here are simple steps on how to perform GPS spoofing to catch Pokemon and access PokeStops and Gyms without walking:

For iOS Devices

Users are required to jailbreak their iOS device. However, the Pokemon GO app will not work on a jailbroken device as the developers of the game have done so to prevent cheating.

Pokemon GO cheats on GPS Spoofing

iOS device users are then required to download and install tsProtector. After installing the free app, the game will not be able to detect whether the device has been jailbroken.

Next, users need to install a GPS spoofing app like LocationFake which is available at the Cydia Store. Afterward, players can start playing the game and catch Pokemon without walking.

For Android Devices

One can take advantage of GPS spoofing on Android only after rooting their device. If a player attempts to launch the game, it will check whether the device has been rooted. However, the app will not work on a rooted Android device.

To solve this, users can install apps like Hide My Root to prevent Pokemon GO from knowing that the device has been rooted. Next, users need to install Fake Location Spoofer to initiate GPS spoofing. After doing the steps, players can launch and enjoy the game without moving.

Did the above trick for you? Do you know other Pokemon GO cheats for GPS spoofing? Share them to us in the comments section below.

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