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Pokemon GO Cheats: Google Maps Hack For Finding Exact Location Of Pokemon, PokeStops, Gyms

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Finding hidden Pokemon is one of the integral parts of Pokemon GO. A Reddit user has revealed a new Pokemon GO cheat that allow players to view all the Pokemon, PokeStops, Gyms that are available nearby on Google Maps.

Pokemon GO has a very handy tool called Nearby that helps in finding Pokemon while playing the game. However, in the recent past, many players have complained that the feature is not working properly all the time. Players have reported that the Nearby tool fails to show Pokemon that are near.

A developer named Ahmed Almutawa has managed to access the raw date of Pokemon GO. This has helped in finding locations of the Gyms, the things that are available at each PokeStops. As far as finding Pokemon is concerned, the Google Maps will show the places where Pokemon that are available around the player.

According to Almutawa, ?The very first time [the Google map tool] was working properly it was like 10:00 PM,? He further stated, ?I opened the map, and there was a Dratini that was three blocks down the road. I was like, ?Nah, there?s no way it?s down the road from here.? But I go out, and I walk there and there?s a Dratini here. I caught the Dratini my first try, so I was very proud of myself for that one.?

Pokemon GO, Finding Pokemon Through Google Maps Hack

As of this writing, the Pokemon GO cheat revealed by the developer is not available through any app on the phone. However, after following the step-by-step instructions provided by the developer, users will be able to see a Google Maps view of all the Pokemon as well as other things like PokeStops and Gyms. Since it requires users to access command line, the process of creating this Google Maps hack may not be easy for all users.

Alternatively, Pokemon GO players can make use Poke Radar tool can be used to search for rare Pokemon in the world. The search result on this app can be refined to show where a specific kind of Pokemon can be found.

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