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Pokemon GO Cheats: How to Get Great Balls in Pokemon GO

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Pokemon GO Cheats

Pokemon GO is one of the most addicting mobile games in the whole world today. The hit augmented reality game from Niantic Labs has really taken off, with Pokemon fans venturing out into the real world trying to catch as many Pokemon as they can. While catching Pokemon may seem easy, the stronger ones may not get caught easily just by using your Pokeball. That is why one of the best Pokemon GO cheats that you must learn is how to get Great Balls in Pokemon GO.

If you are unfamiliar with Great Balls, it is actually a more powerful PokeBall that gamers can use in order to catch stronger Pokemon. For a rare Pokemon such as a Dratini or a Hitmonlee, using an ordinary PokeBall may not be effective. It could result in the Pokemon breaking free and eventually just running away, to the dismay of Pokemon GO players.

Having a Pokemon, especially those uncommon kinds, break free of a Pokeball and escape is surely one of the most frustrating things in Pokemon GO. That is why you should use Great Balls on more powerful Pokemon in order to have a better chance of catching it.

Many Pokemon GO players though are not yet familiar with how to get Great Balls in the game. It is actually quite simple although you would need to reach a certain level in order for the Great Balls to be unlocked.

How to Get Great Balls in Pokemon GO

A Pokemon GO trainer would need to reach level 12 before he or she will be able to get access to Great Balls. Once a player would reach level 12, he or she would be rewarded with several items such as Potions and PokeBalls. Among these rewards are Great Balls that they can then use to catch stronger Pokemon.

After reaching level 12, players can get more Great Balls by visiting PokeStops, much like how you can get regular PokeBalls there in earlier levels. Just make sure to use the Great Balls wisely as they can be very scarce, especially when compared to PokeBalls.

So, what are you waiting for? Be sure to hunt for as many Great Balls as you can and be on your way to catching the different legendary Pokemon in Pokemon GO.

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