Pokemon GO Cheats: How to Get More Candy and Infinite Incense?

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Here are some of the interesting Pokemon GO cheats through which players can gain more Candy and unlimited Incense.

How to Get More Candy?

Candy is an important item in the game as it can be used to evolve and strengthen the Pokemon. It can help in increasing the trainer level faster. Players need to have a good stock of it as different Pokemon require a specific Candy. ?Hence, players need to store as many of them as possible.

Method 1

One can catch several Pokemon of the same species and exchange them for ?Candies through Professor Willow. Here is how it can be done.

While playing the game, players need to click on the Poke Ball at the bottom of the screen and then select ?Pokemon.? Players are now required to choose duplicate Pokemon with low CP and then hit ?Transfer? followed by ?Yes.?

Once the transfer is complete, players will be provided with different Candies, according to the specie of the Pokemon.


Method 2

Hatching more Pokemon eggs will help in gaining more Candies. ?The eggs are available at the PokeStops, the real-life locations in the vicinity of the player.

Once a player gets an egg, he needs to navigate the Poke Ball at the bottom of the screen and then select ?Pokemon? and then ?Eggs.? After selecting an egg, users need to choose ?Start Incubation? and then select an incubator.

At the start of the game, players are provided with one incubator, but players can acquire more through the PokeStops or real money. Players can get one more incubator to hatch not more than three eggs.

The incubator will show how many kilometers one is required to walk before the egg gets hatched. Since the game supports GPS and pedometer, players can get in their car and drive to hatch eggs faster. Once the set number of kilometers is covered, the egg will hatch and provide a player with a Candy as well as a new Pokemon.

Here is a list of Candy requirements to know how many a player must get to evolve different kinds of Pokemon.

How to Get Infinite Incense?

Incense can be used to attract wild Pokemon to the player?s location through its pleasing aroma that lasts for 30 minutes. At the beginning, players are provided with two Incense pots and more can be purchased by using PokeCoins.

Pokemon GO Incense

In order to get an infinite Incense, launch the game and use Incense. Players will be able to see how many minutes are remaining to use the Incense. Navigate to Settings of the device and turn off automatic date and time. Turn it on again to gain more minutes to use the Incense.

Since turning off and on the date and time of the device is not cheating, players can do it often. Unlike other Pokemon GO cheats such as GPS spoofing, it will not result in a ban.

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