Pokemon GO Cheats: Free Coins, Pokeballs And More Surface Online

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Recently, rumors about free in-game Pokemon GO goodies started circulating. Such rumors on free giveaways of resources such as Pokecoins, Pokeballs, and more may become rampant due to the current fame of the mobile game. However, the game?s Reddit discourages spreading of false information about Pokecoins, Pokeballs and even cheating tactics to get ahead in the game. Here?s what you need to know.

Free Coins?

As discussed in the Pokemon GO Reddit thread, people who?ll try and plug in technical exploits to get more free items or free microtransaction credits will get blocked on the subreddit. Previously, Pokecoins have been confirmed as the microtransaction credits in the mobile game, which can be used for convenient items and storage upgrades. These credits can only be obtained if the player pays for them, or in rare cases, the developers decide to throw an event where players can get the coins as reward for their participation. However, without official information about the free coins, it?s safe to take any such news with a grain of salt.

Free Pokeballs?

In Pokemon GO, Pokeballs are technically free if you choose to run around your area and access PokeStops near your vicinity. These map checkpoints give away free items, including Pokeballs, for the players. Aside from getting them from PokeStops, you can opt to buy them with Pokecoins in the shop. Pokeballs are free in the game, so there?s no point in getting excited over somebody announcing ?Free Pokeballs,? unless it?s an official Niantic event where special Pokeballs are given out such as a Master Ball.

GPS Spoofing

As seen on Canh TV’s video, this tactic is when players dupe their GPS information to get to PokeStops without manually moving around. GPS spoofing is regarded as cheating as it allows you to edit your location to as many Pokestops as you like and contest Gym leaders without even leaving your house. This trick breaks the balance of the game as it gives the player limitless potential in pressuring Gyms, and it negates the effort of the regular community to make Pokemon GO a social experience. It?s best to avoid using these tactics for the game to get more free PokeStop pickups or even playing in a server that?s not in your region.

Why You Shouldn?t Cheat

Niantic said on their website that they will issue a warning or suspend players who violate their Pokemon GO trainer guidelines. Using unofficial software, falsifying your location, and using multiple accounts are just some of the many things Niantic considers as a form of cheating.

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