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Pokemon Go Cheats: Where To Find Pokestops and Pokemon Gyms

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If you are starting to see more and more people with their smartphones in their hands and aimlessly wandering in your city do not be alarmed. It is simply Pokemon Go which has become such a huge hit among Android and iOS device users. The hit new game from Niantic Labs gives people a shot at catching Pokemon in the real world which must surely be the childhood dream of many.

Playing Pokemon Go can be very challenging especially if you are still starting out. This is where some Pokemon Go Cheats can be very helpful. One question that many players are asking is where exactly can they find PokeStops and Pokemon Gyms in the game. Pokemon Go uses real world maps and figuring out where you would need to go to find a PokeStop can be very challenging.

According to Polygon, there is one thing that you can try and that is using Ingress data in order to help you find the right spots for PokeStops or gyms in Pokemon Go. Ingress is the previous augmented-reality exploration game by Niantic Labs. You can access a global intel map through the Ingress website and find notable spots around the world where you can find portal locations, which is the Ingress counterpart of PokeStops.

That map might be very tough to go through at first glance, which is why it is great that some Pokemon Go fans have already created a browser extension that you can use on Chrome and Firefox to highlight the areas which are related to Pokemon Go. Check out the Pokemon Go subreddit if you want to find additional info on how to use this little cheat.

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Be sure to check back here soon to find out more tips and Pokemon Go Cheats and get the edge when playing this highly addicting game.


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