Pokemon GO Cheats: How To Find Legendary Pokemon; Get Free Coins, More PokeBalls Without Walking

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Now that the Pokemon fans have access to their favorite game on Android and iOS, people are now searching for Pokemon GO cheats to find free coins, and eggs without walking. Also, people are eager to know how to catch rare Pokemon. Here is a low down on the Pokemon Go cheats, tips and tricks that are currently available.

Legendary Pokemon

Catching Pokemon is not enough as one needs to have stronger Legendary Pokemon to become the most powerful trainer. The Legendary Pokemon include Articuno, Moltres, Zapdos, Mew and MewTwo. Pokemon GO rumors suggest that these Legendaries may occur in some form later on.

After digging the files of the game, NestendoYT has revealed on YouTube that Legendary Pokemon are indeed part of the game. One of the first trailers of the game had showcased MewTwo. It suggested that they may surface through public events instead of random appearance.

Another teaser of the Legendary Pokemon was spotted on the game itself. Some of the players who reached level 5 have claimed that they were invited to join Legendary Pokemon Zapdos, Articuno and Moltres were found tied to the Team Instinct (yellow), Team Mystic (blue) and Team Valor (red), respectively.

Legendary Pokemon MewTwo

Free Coins

Free coins are in-game currency that can be used to buy various items like potions, PokeBalls and other items. Instead of buying the free coins with real money, there are couple of ways to get it for free. One way to get free coins is to claim a Gym and assign a Pokemon to protect it.

Once the Pokemon finishes his task of safeguarding the Gym, the trainer will get ?defender bonus? which is equal to 10 coins per day. So, if there are ten Pokemon shielding ten Gyms simultaneously, the player can ear 100 Pokemon coins per day.

Free Pokemon Go Coins

More PokeBalls

A new Pokemon cheat has surface that allows players to get more PokeBalls without walking. This cheat requires users to perform the unethical GPS spoofing which is all about tricking the smartphone to think that the player is moving even when he is at the same place.

To get more PokeBalls without walking, one needs to enable developer mode in Settings and then put a tick mark at ?Allow mock locations? at Developers options. Next, the player needs to download an app for GPS spoofing. Navigate to Location Settings button and go to Mode and then select ?GPS only.?


Another method is to use real money to buy Pokemon Go Incense. It is a mysterious fragrance that lasts for 30 minutes. It can attract all the Pokemon available in the vicinity to come the player?s location.

Pokemon GO Cheats Warning

Niantic has clearly mentioned about consequences of violating Pokemon Go trainer guidelines. Using a modified or unofficial version of the game, playing it with multiple accounts, and spoofing GPS location are some of the methods that Niantic considers as cheating.

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