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Pokemon GO Cheats: How to Evolve Your Pokemon Faster

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Pokemon Go Cheats

One challenge in playing Pokemon GO is evolving the Pokemon. That is why one of the most useful Pokemon GO Cheats that you should know is how to evolve your Pokemon faster.

Catching a wild Pokemon in Pokemon GO can be fairly easy, especially if you have practiced your throwing technique. Once you have the Pokemon though, getting it to evolve quickly is more challenging.

Evolving a Pokemon in Pokemon GO entails using candy. IGN reports that different Pokemon would require different amounts of candy to evolve. There are Pokemon such as Pidgeys and Caterpies which can be evolved with only 12 candies while there are those such as Magikarp which needs 400 candies in order to trigger an evolution.

You get candies by capturing Pokemon in the wild. Each candy though is specific to the kind of Pokemon that you captured. For example, capturing a Pidgey will give you three Pidgey candies. You can then collect these until you have 12 at which point you can evolve your Pidgey to Pidgeotto.

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Capture as many Pokemon as you can and be sure to plan accordingly as to which type of Pokemon you would want to evolve. Once you have this, try to capture as many of the same Pokemon in order to get the necessary candies to evolve it. For example, if you want to evolve your Eevee then you must try to capture as many Eevee as you can to get enough candies needed for the evolution.

Just capturing any Pokemon without having any plan is going to make it difficult for you to evolve any of the ones you have in your Pokedex. You will likely have a lot of different Pokemon candies but which are not enough to evolve any of your existing Pokemon. That is why it is recommended that you plan which Pokemon you want to evolve first and then set out on a mission to catch as many of that Pokemon as you can.

Follow the advice above and evolving Pokemon will surely be faster and easier for any Pokemon GO gamer.

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