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Pokemon GO Cheats: Easy GPS Spoofing Using Modified Pokemon GO APK For Catching All Pokemon Without Leaving House

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Pokemon GO

After Pokemon GO creators disabled access to third-party Pokemon tracking sites, players are looking for different kinds of Pokemon GO cheats like GPS spoofing to play the game without moving out of their house.

A recent update to the Pokemon GO has caused it to lose its in-game Pokemon tracking feature called Nearby. Since access to PokeVision, PokeHound, Pokemon GO Live Map, PokeMesh and other such third-party Pokemon tracking sites have been blocked, players are complaining that they have to aimlessly walk for longer time to catch Pokemon.

One of the Pokemon GO hacking methods that will allow players to play the game without leaving their home is GPS Spoofing by using a modified Pokemon GO APK. One must be aware of the fact that it will required users to play the game using an alternate account. It means the player will have to start from the scratch.

Once the game is installed using a modified Pokemon GO APK, users to need to launch GPS spoofing app so that the location can be faked to make it possible to play the game without leaving the house. It is advisable to deactivate Google Location History as it will prevent Niantic to know that the player is using a GPS location faking app.

Pokemon GO cheats on GPS Spoofing

Pokemon GO cheats have led to soft ban and several players have claimed that Niantic has imposed permanent bans on them for violating the guidelines set down by the company. Hence, one should be aware of the fact that playing Pokemon GO using a counterfeit or modified APK and GPS spoofing can result in result in a ban. Moreover, modified Pokemon GO APK file can contain malicious program that can infect the player?s device.

Another GPS spoofing technique that can let players to collect numerous Pokemon from their home is to make use of a radio-frequency shielded box called HackRF along with a custom software. The cost of the radio signal box is high and it requires gamers to have programming knowledge to carry out this hack.

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