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Pokemon GO Cheats: Should Disabled People Be Given Special Treatment?

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Pokemon GO

Judging from the title, it’s clear that Pokemon GO is all about movement. Players are meant to go out of the house, look for Pokemon and maybe even make some friends along the way. It sounds like the best way to play a game and socialize at the same time, but it does come with one major problem: it is not friendly for disabled people.

People in wheelchairs or have had any significant injuries cannot play the popular mobile game and have resorted to apps that cheat the game’s system. These include the Jailbreak tweaks like PokemonGOAnywhere and the Pokemon GO Controller, according to Next of Pokemon.

It might not sound fair, but can anyone really blame them? Pokemon GO has been a dream game for most people, and not being able to play it due to disabilities must be heartbreaking. Some might point out that they can simply wait for Pokemon Sun and Moon, since those two titles are for the 3DS and don’t require any movement, but that is pretty cruel.

Some fans wonder if Niantic Labs could lighten the cheating responses if the players using the game are disabled people. Others have suggested for the developers to work on an app for those who can’t go out and play the game, which would be a nice gesture from the studio.

Should Niantic think about the handicapped?

Then again, the moment Pokemon GO was announced, fans knew that it would be about movement. It was shown in various trailers of the game and it was clear from that point on. Does that mean immobile players have to tough it out and accept the fact that the game isn’t made for them? There is no right answer when one thinks about it, but it’s still a sad dilemma.

Will Pokemon GO eventually become playable to those with disabilities? No one knows, and it looks like we will not be getting an answer to this for a very long time. The mobile game is currently still suffering from other problems and isn’t fit for a worldwide release, so Niantic has a lot of things to solve before considering such issue.

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