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Pokemon GO Cheats: Crazy Ideas That Might Really Work!

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Pokemon GO has been out for a month now, but it seems like its popularity hasn’t waned at all. The hit mobile game is more popular than ever now that it has been released in more countries, and some fans have been wondering if there are any methods that might make catching Pokemon easier. These might not be official Pokemon GO cheats, so no one has to get banned, but they might be worth trying.

Back in the old Game Boy days, players believed that rapidly pressing the buttons after a Poke Ball was thrown at a Pokemon would make it easier to catch. It might not have been true, but it is something most, if not all, players have tried when playing Pokemon Red or Blue.

This is why some fans have attempted to tap the screen whenever a ball is successfully thrown at a monster in Pokemon GO. It might not work, but it is worth trying since these myths are always fun to try out, especially when they actually succeed. Fans might want to keep a tissue handy though, since these Pokemon GO cheats might make the screen a bit dirty.

Some fans have also tried shaking their phones to mess the GPS up a bit. This might make more rare Pokemon appear in the mobile game, though this isn’t a surefire method either. It’s just a fun way to make the game feel more immersive than it already is and might even result in a cool Pokemon or two.

Now this doesn’t mean that players should abandon the strategies that they normally implement when playing the game. Players should still attempt to do curveball throws when catching a Pokemon for extra experience and so on, but they could also try doing a few new things, like these myths players have been trying.

Pokemon GO is available now on iOS and Android devices. The game has been available in more countries lately and could even be around the globe before the year ends. Like most mobile games, it’s a free download, but those who want more out of it can use real-life money to buy more items or make the game’s bag bigger. Let us know in the comments section below if these Pokemon GO cheats worked for you and if you have any crazy ideas you want to share.

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