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Pokemon GO Cheats: How to Cheat Your GPS to Catch Pokemon Without Moving

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Pokemon GO Cheats

Pokemon GO has certainly become a very popular game in every corner of the globe. Not only is Pokemon GO extremely entertaining, it likewise helps you stay healthy as moving around is a big part of the game. This can sometimes be a hassle for some who just want to catch Pokemon in the comfort of their own home. If you are one of these people, one of the best Pokemon GO cheats that you should know is how to spoof your GPS in order to catch Pokemon without moving.

Pokemon GO uses GPS in order to monitor your movement in relation to your surroundings. It determines where you are and where the wild Pokemon in your area is located. That means that in order to catch Pokemon, you would need to physically travel to the places where the Pokemon are located and this can be a hassle to some.

There are ways that you can bypass this particular aspect of the game and catch Pokemon even if you are just sitting around on your couch at home. You can do this by spoofing your GPS so that your phone will think that you are located somewhere else.

The first step in order to do this is to download a fake location app in Google Play. This is easy enough to do so you can quickly make this happen in just a few minutes. The fake location app will be used to fool your phone into thinking that you are in a different location.

Pokemon GO Cheats

Many people are probably wondering how exactly can you find Pokemon using the fake location app. Well, you will still need to check out the location of the different Pokemon near you. This is where the Pokevision comes in. Visit the Pokevision site and simply search for the Pokemon you would want to catch. After you do this, the coordinates for the said Pokemon will become available. Input the coordinates in the fake location app and then restart your Pokemon GO app.

Once you log in again, the game will think that you are at the coordinates that you just placed on the fake location app. So you can then easily catch the Pokemon that you want without even leaving your home. Give this a shot and see how many cool Pokemon you can catch while sitting pretty on your couch.

Be sure to check back here soon to find more Pokemon GO cheats and tips to help you dominate this highly popular game.

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