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Pokemon GO Cheats: Bots Still Active After Niantic Disables PokeVision And Other Trackers

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Pokemon GO cheats bots

No matter how strict Niantic has been since the developer released the new update for the AR game, Pokemon GO cheats seem to be unstoppable. Many bots are still functional even after the latest mobile game update. The company has shut down PokeVision and other Pokemon spawn locators, but there are many hacks that players are still using to successfully catch Pokemon.

The developer of one of the popular Pokemon GO cheats being used by players mocked the system, claiming that his bot is working perfectly fine even after the recent update. Some players said that even if Niantic takes down some bots, there are still many available on the web, and almost each of them is working perfectly for Pokemon GO.

On Reddit, players are suggesting new ways to hack the Pokemon GO app. On the other hand, some players are concerned that Niantic has shut down the apps but is not doing anything against bots and cheaters who are still finding ways to spoof their locations and modify the game in any way they want.

In Niantic?s latest Pokemon GO update, the company addressed some issues, and along with this, it also tightened the security of its game. The company, however, implemented new codes to ban the use of third party tools, but it has failed to stop cheaters. People can still use DIY tools to make their own map to find nearby Pokemon spawn locations.

It seems that the widespread of use of cheating will not end anytime soon. Fans are not happy with some forms of Pokemon GO cheats, especially bots as it enables them to become strong in-game with little to no effort. Players are left with only a single option: report the cheaters and scammers to Niantic. This is the only option they have, but it also looks like a weak choice hasn?t been responsive lately, and it would be no surprise if fans? requests remain unheard.

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