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Pokemon GO Cheats: Best Tips to Level Up Fast Without Getting Banned

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Pokemon GO Cheats

Pokemon GO is certainly one of the most enjoyable mobile games available today. The augmented reality game from Niantic Labs has taken the world by storm and now countless gamers are trying to fulfill their dreams of becoming a Pokemon master. Leveling up in Pokemon Go can be pretty hard though, especially if you do not know the best ways how. That is why one of the best Pokemon GO cheats that you should know is how to level up fast without getting banned.

Niantic Labs has really cracked down on Pokemon GO cheaters lately. Using third-party apps and software to level up quickly was being done by a ton of gamers before and now they have put a stop to it completely by issuing permanent bans. It does not mean that there are no legitimate Pokemon GO cheats that you can use without getting banned. Check out the handy tips below on how to level up quickly in Pokemon GO safely.

  • Pidgey Grinding ? While Pidgeys may not be the most exciting Pokemon in Pokemon GO, it is certainly one which can help you a lot if you want to level up fast. The great thing about Pidgey is that it only needs 12 candies to evolve to Pidgeotto. Evolving a Pokemon would give you 500XP but if you activate a Lucky Egg, it will double, giving you 1,000XP. Try to hoard as many Pidgey as you can and then once you have a lot, activate a Lucky Egg and evolve all of them to get a ton of XP easily. This same strategy also works for Caterpies and Weedles.
  • Using Incense Effectively ? Incense is one item in Pokemon GO which attracts Pokemon to your location. What many gamers do not know is that you can use Incense to help level up quickly. To do this, try to go to a place where there are no nearby Pokemon showing on the Sightings feature. Then, activate a Lucky Egg and Incense at the same time. You will notice that many rare and uncommon Pokemon will spawn near you and then you can catch it for double the XP. This is especially great if there are still many Pokemon you have not caught as catching new Pokemon will give you 500XP. Meaning, with the Lucky Egg activated, it would be 1,000XP for every new Pokemon you catch.
  • Gotta Love the PokeStops ? Another excellent way to level up is to go to an area in your town or city where there is a concentration of PokeStops. Each visit to a PokeStop gives you 50XP and you can do so every 5 minutes. Going to a place where you can visit several PokeStops again and again without you having to waste time and effort is certainly going to help you level up quickly in Pokemon GO.

So what are you waiting for? Give these three tips a try and see just how fast you can level up in Pokemon GO without risking getting banned. Good luck!

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